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Liferay database configuration

By default, Liferay use hsql (hypersonic) database which is not recommanded to go with in production environment. Liferay provides a very easy way to use another SGBD on your portal by simple configuration. In this...


Understanding Liferay portlet configuration files

After creating and deploying a Liferay Portlet in the previous post, we will take time now to understand the basic Liferay files, especially these following : Portlet.xml Liferay-portlet.xml Liferay-display.xml Liferay-hook.xml Web.xml Faces-config.xml


Install Liferay plugin on Eclipse

Before we take an interest for Liferay portlets, hook, theme and other Liferay components, we must first setup our work environment by adding some essential plugins on Eclipse. We need to install Liferay plugin...