Easy tutorial to install Liferay on Tomcat 7

This post will show an easy tutorial to install Liferay on Tomcat 7  using Eclipse IDE by using the Liferay/Tomcat Bundle . If you already have a Tomcat 7 server, this article my interest you : Install Liferay on existing Tomcat 7.

1- Download the Liferay/Tomcat Bundle

Download the Liferay/Tomcat community bundle from the Liferay official site.

Extract the “.zip” on your computer and note its location. We will refer to it as $LIFERAY_HOME.

 2- Creating Tomcat 7 server with a native Eclipse IDE

Open your eclipse IDE and follow this instructions :

  1. Click on : File -> New -> Server
  2. On the “Define a New Server” windows, choose “Tomcat v7.0 Server” under “Apache” and click “Next”
  3. On the next windows, click on “Browse…” and navigate to $LIFERAY_HOME defined in Part 1 and select “tomcat-7.0.62” folder and click Finish.

Your server is now created.

2-a Tomcat sever configuration

  1. Double click on your Tomcat server
  2. Under “Server Locations”, Choose the “Use Tomcat installation (takes control of Tomcat Installation)” option
  3. And in the “Deploy path”, click “Browse…”. Navigate to $LIFERAY_HOME\tomcat-7.0.62\webapps and click “Ok”
  4. Under “Timeouts” , set the “Start (in seconds)” value to “300” and the “Stop” value to “120”
  5. Save (CTRL + S)

Your server is now ready.

3- Tomcat Server using Liferay IDE (Recommanded)

3-a Downloading the Liferay IDE

Liferay provides a customized eclipse called “Liferay IDE” that contains all the shipping utilities to use Liferay. To download it, follow these instructions :

  • Go to the Liferay official site by clicking here
  • Select the “Eclipse Luna + Liferay IDE2.2.4-GA5” option as shown below and click on “Download
  • After the end of the installation, unzip the downloaded archive, open Eclipse by double-clicking on “eclipse.exe

3-b Create new Tomcat server

  1. Click on : File -> New -> Other -> Server
  2. Under “Liferay, Inc.” select “Liferay v6.2 CE Server (Tomcat 7)
  3. On the next window, click “browse” and and navigate to $LIFERAY_HOME defined in Part 1 and select “tomcat-7.0.62” folder and click Finish

4- Liferay is ready !

  1. Start your server
  2. After starting the server go to “http://localhost:8080/”
  3. You will face the following screen
  4. Select your “default language” and click “Finish configuration”
  5. Wait for the end of the configuration and on the next screen, click on “Go to my portal” and accept the terms of use
  6. Choose a password reminder and click “Save”
  7. You will land on the Liferay home page

    Congratulations you have successfully installed the Liferay Portal on Tomcat 7 server.